The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) threatened the low-cost airline Ryanair, with suspending its authorization to fly in Italy.

The ENAC assures that there are “repeated violations” of the security regulations on the coronavirus

According to the note he sent to the airline and the Irish authorities (where Ryanair is headquartered), “the requirement of distance between passengers is not met.” But also, he points out that the company does not even create the conditions for such separation to exist on its flights.

The National Civil Aviation Authority warned that the next step is to suspend the low cost operation in the country. That action would include the requirement that it bear the costs so that “all passengers who are already in possession of tickets” can travel.

Ryanair’s response

The company described as “incorrect” the assessments of the Italian body. In this sense, Ryanair says that it complies “scrupulously” with the measures of the Italian government and the European Union.

In addition, he sought to bring peace of mind to his clients. They assured that the company “does everything possible to reduce interactions” both on airplanes and at airports.

The company also detailed different measures in flight and on the ground that it carries out. They include the mandatory use of masks for the crew and passengers, and a special protocol for getting on and off the plane.