Due to the higher expenses related to chronic and highly complex treatments, the Superintendency of Health Services transferred another $ 1,000 million to 212 social works, according to Resolution No. 1360/20 of that body, published this Tuesday in the Bulletin Official. It is an “advance of funds” from the Unified Refund System (SUR) “for applications submitted pending cancellation and for those submitted in the future.”

SUR is a reimbursement program “for benefits with a high economic impact and that require extended coverage over time” that are financed from the Redistribution Solidarity Fund, which receives a part of the contributions and contributions from the system.

In this way, the payment of these complex benefits, chronic treatment and more expensive, is distributed among all entities, avoiding that this greater expense is concentrated in certain entities, especially among those with fewer members or financial support.

70% of the advances are distributed proportionally between the social works whose collection is lower than the average of the System and the remaining 30%, among those that exceed said figure, as payment on account of the applications that they have presented in the Organization or present in the future.

With this measure so far this year, SUR distributed a total of $ 21.909 million. In all of last year, $ 12,188 million had been transferred.

The official Resolution says that for the distribution of the funds, the requests entered up to October 15 were taken into account, “persisting the impossibility of this Agency to comply with the administrative procedures due to the lack of sufficient human resources to carry out forward the assigned task and the impossibility of carrying out the analysis and evaluation of physical files from their homes, added to the deep economic and financial crisis that the sector is going through, it becomes necessary to maintain the continuity of the support and strengthening of the National Insurance System of health”.

For that reason, fund transfers are an “advance of funds”, as long as social works that do not have sufficient requests to cancel these payments on account within 180 days after the end of the quarantine (ASPO) will be debited of other transfers that correspond to them.

In addition, the Resolution says that the payment on account will not be made, “as well as future payments on account” to social works that do not present the State of Origin, Application of Funds and Statement of Financial Position expired until May 2020, “until so much regularize this situation ”.