Walmart Announces Adoption Of New Food Initiative (WMT)

Walmart is adopting a new food initiative aimed at improving the nutrition in its customer’s diets and lessening the impact that its food production partners have on the environment. The initiative will also explore ways to reduce the overall cost of food, reduce food waste, and get more affordable nutritious food to the places that need it the most. The initiative will involve the participation of a number of different partners, including big food manufacturers like General Mills and PepsiCo, agricultural businesses like Cargill and Monsanto, and nonprofit groups like the Environmental Defense Fund and Feeding America.

Walmart is currently the largest grocer in the nation, even though the company does not focus exclusively on food and food related items like most traditional grocery stores. Walmart sells more food than any other thing on its shelves. Because Walmart is such a behemoth in the food industry, it has the power to force changes in food production through its actions.

Finding ways to increase the sustainability of food production methods is the goal of many leading environmentalists. Last month, the United Nations held a summit on climate change in New York that partially focused on the role agriculture plays in environmental changes. Recent events have underscored the importance of finding a better way to produce large quantities of food. The drought in the western United States have exposed the astronomical amount of water it takes to produce the fruits and vegetables that California ships all over the world.

Producing enough food for all of the people around the world without destroying the environment is an urgent challenge facing food producers around the globe. Another goal is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by shortening the distance between the food producers and the retail locations where those foods are sold. Increasing the transparency of where the food is coming from and the methods used to produce it will increase food safety and ease customer concerns about the products being sold.

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